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Still Hesitating Between Hybrid, Electric, Plug-In Hybrid?

How do you go about finding which of these platforms – between electric cars, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars – makes most sense for you?

When I see electric vehicle, EV haters it always amuses me. What’s the problem with more choice and why can’t those who can afford it now and make sense of it be able to buy electric cars? Better yet, with each new generation of electric cars, their range rise, prices somewhat drop and Tesla shows you can have a truly performance electric sedan for $50,000, something not too many other gasoline makers are doing these days.

Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Or Electric? OK, we’ve asked and answered this one before but it seems there’s still confusion. The general rule of thumb so far is city dwellers and light urbanites will find electric cars aren generally more economical to operate. Electricity versus gasoline per miles is respectively around 10 cents a mile compared to 35 on an average. But before deciding anything, you need to understand how you drive, where, when and what you truly need, versus want. Sure we all want a Ferrari and a Porsche but the truth of the fact is that almost any entry-level car will meet your basic needs.


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