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Sen. Katherine Clark: Building a modern, sustainable transportation system Read more: Sen. Katherine Clark: Building a modern, sustainable transportation system – Melrose, Massachusetts

Melrose, Mass. —

Massachusetts needs a public transportation system that is sustainable for the long-term with sufficient capital to keep fares reasonable, expand routes, modernize our infrastructure, and improve services. Unfortunately, our current system comes up short.

In 2007, the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Commission outlined the problems and untenable funding models that our system relied on. While reforms have been made, we still must look at the entire system — from highways and bridges to buses and subways — and consider how we can efficiently operate and pay for a transportation network that truly meets the commonwealth’s needs now and into the future.

A recent report from Northeastern University’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy underscores the continued need for change. It found that our system is “neither well maintained nor sustainably funded,” and that while travel patterns reflect relatively lower amounts of driving and greater amounts of public transit use than in many areas of the country, access is not distributed evenly across communities.

Equity is a challenge, along with affordability and environmental sustainability. As the group Public Transit-Public Good has pointed out, in addition to connecting workers to their jobs and customers to businesses, public transit reduces air pollution and related illnesses, connects families to vital health services, and can increase civic engagement and community cohesion.



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