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Sanyo and Sony Plan to Invest in Lithium Battery in Taiwan

Taipei, Dec. 24, 2012 (CENS)–Two major Japanese lithium-battery firms Sanyo and Sony reportedly plan to set up factories in Taiwan and the government is assisting it in finding local partners, possibly Yulon Motor and Simplo Technolgy, with the investment scale for the joint ventures likely to hit NT$12 billion, posing as the largest investment projects of Japanese firms in Taiwan in recent years.

Chen Kuo-jong, president of Yulon, though, expressed yesterday (Dec. 23) that the company has yet to receive inquiry from the government concerning the case. An official in charge, however, confirmed that due to mounting operating pressure and high production cost in Japan, a couple of major Japanese battery firms are seeking Taiwanese partners for investing in Taiwan.

Previously, Sony reportedly planned to sell its battery department to increase cash flow and cut operating cost, a plan which reportedly attracted BYD of China and Hong Hai Group. The investments of Japanese battery firms in Taiwan will contribute to the development of local electric-car industry.

Taiwan is actively pushing the development of lithium-battery industry, which can complement the existing battery assembly and complete auto/bus industries in the downstream sector.


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