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Sale of Tesla Model S Reservations Deemed Illegal

If you were to check eBay right now, you would find five or so reservations for the Tesla Model S, which are for sale. However, don`t buy or buy into them, as they should not legally be there, according to Apparently, all buyers who put their name down for a Model S can sell the car, but only after they`ve taken delivery – the reservation is not transferrable.

Currently there are 14,000 reservations, yet none can legally be sold. The only way to do it, though, is with special approval directly from Tesla, and the US green automaker has reported receiving no such requests. However, those who still want to sell their Model S, prior to even taking delivery of it, perhaps they should take a moment and think about their decision, and if it is not financially motivated, perhaps they should reconsider, give the car a try, and then if they are still bent on selling it, they can do so much easier.


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