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Plugless: It’s going to be an electric 2013!

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It’s going to be an electric 2013!

Evatran has big news and technology innovations coming in 2013 – and we’re ready to bring wireless charging to EV drivers everywhere.

The fourth quarter has been an exciting time for those of us on the Evatran team. We’ve hit some major milestones in the past few months including releasing the first generation of the Plugless Power wireless charging system to production, closing a small funding round to finance our initial production run, hiring some ROCKSTAR new members for our team, and closing a few development projects with our partners. We couldn’t be more excited about what 2013 will bring – at the top of our list is the opportunity to share the convenience of wireless charging with those of you EV drivers awaiting Plugless Power!

Production Preparations Underway

We’ve released our first generation design to our supply chain and started to set up manufacturing operations in Wytheville, Virginia. We’ve also hired a Manufacturing Lead and partnered with the Manufacturing Technology Center in Southwestern Virginia to ensure we’ve got the appropriate safety and quality procedures in place and to make sure we’re assembling our units as efficiently as possible. With inventory arriving daily, we’ll be up and running, with our first production units rolling off the line, at the beginning of January.

Funding Round

As some of you may have read on our social media sites, Evatran closed a small, private, fundraising round with a group out of Richmond, Virginia. The capital infusion will allow us to finalize our production preparations, support the product with on-point branding, and grow our team while on our journey to become the premier provider of wireless charging technology for high power applications. For more information about our funding group, see this recent Richmond Times Dispatch article.

Rockstar New Team Members

Some of the most memorable moments of building Evatran have been when really strong, talented individuals have joined our team. We’re a small, tight knit group but we’ve really enjoyed bringing some fresh talent into the team over the past few months. We’ve hired Joe Freeman, an experienced manufacturing lead within the automotive space, to head up our production operations. We’ve also brought on three additional engineering team members – Chris Yahnker joins us from iRobot as a Program Manager, Shannon Maldonado is taking over the management of our shop as Lab Technician, and Mark Lomaskin has joined us, on a part-time basis, during his Power Electronics Masters studies at North Carolina State University.

New Projects and Partners

Not only is Evatran working on a number of development projects both within and outside the automotive market, but we’ve had a ton of continuing interest for our Apollo Trial Program. News has been released over the past few weeks announcing the participation of the City of Raleigh, DTE Energy, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions (formally SPX Service Solutions), and the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA). We’ll continue to announce partners over the coming weeks until we launch the program in early February.

We’ve got big plans for 2013 – this is the year of the electric vehicle and the year of wireless charging! Happy Holidays and we’ll keep you updated in the New Year!

As always, thank you for your support and CHARGE ON!

The Evatran Team

This email contains forward-looking statements that are based on the company’s beliefs as well as assumptions made with information currently available to the company. Such statements may include statements regarding future revenues, operating expenses, and the like, and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions which could cause actual results to differ materially from projections or estimates. Investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking



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