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Nissan Leaf Gets Extended Warranty In Wake Of Consumer Complaints

In May of this year, some Nissan Leaf owners in Phoenix, Arizona noticed that their batteries were losing the ability to hold a charge. Independent tests subsequently proved that electric cars running in hot climates could indeed fall prey to such problems.

But despite those increasingly loud complaints, the tests to back them up, and a class-action lawsuit, Nissan stood firm. Company representatives insisted that the problems documented in Phoenix weren’t really problems because all batteries lose the ability to hold a charge as they age.

Now, the automaker has changed its tune. On a Nissan Leaf owner forum, the automaker has announced that it will soon be “enhancing the warranty coverage of the battery system that powers the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle”.

The announcement comes from Andy Palmer, executive vice president for Nissan Motor Co. Though Palmer’s forum post doesn’t lay out the specifics of the extended warranty, the gist is this


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