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Nissan Leaf Battery Capacity Loss: Covered By Warranty, Now

Nissan is becoming the first manufacturer to offer limited warranty on battery capacity loss, when it implements a new warranty in Spring 2013.

Announced via the forums, Nissan executive vice president, Andy Palmer, has confirmed that Nissan is to offer an updated New Electric Vehicle Limited Warranty.

The warranty is designed to protect against battery capacity loss in the first five years or 60,000 miles, for U.S. customers.

Should the battery capacity gauge fall below nine bars (from twelve) in that period, Nissan will repair or replace the battery under warranty with a new or remanufactured unit, “to restore capacity at or above a minimum of nine bars.”

Nine bars signifies remaining capacity of approximately 70 percent. Palmer confirms that this warranty is still subject to the same terms, conditions and exclusions found in the existing battery warranty.


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