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MrEnergyCzar: Chevy Volt Can Help Cope With Peak Oil

For the past two years since the Chevrolet Volt’s launch, it has topped Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction survey meaning this is one car with its share of fans.

There’s no telling who is Volt fan number one, but one of the more ardent ones is MrEnergyCzar, a peak oil advocate who spends his own time and money to raise awareness for the Volt as one part of his arsenal of preparedness for the effects of oil production having crested past its prime.

Based in New England, MrEnergyCzar has actually converted his entire household and lifestyle in response to the peaking of cheap easy oil which he says may result in rising fuel prices, and potentially rude awakenings upon the social and economic landscape of America – and the world.

Now, not unlike Paul Revere – albeit with communication tools not dreamed of by that alarm-raising New England silversmith and patriot – MrEnergyCzar is sounding a consistent message to a less homogenous audience on Facebook, Twitter, his own Web site, other social media, and YouTube.

This said, he is a “practical prepper,” not wishing to portray a fanatic’s stance in awaiting the coming of doomsday. Rather, more like someone following the scout’s motto of “be prepared,” he has adjusted where he sees necessary in order to adapt to living in the vulnerable oil-dependent suburbs while staying insulated in the face of changing times.

“I’m more self-reliant and energy insulated than an extreme survivalist,” says MrEnergyCzar.

Anyone familiar with his story knows he was an early adopter of the Volt in 2011, which he powers by energy generated by his home photovoltaic solar array – and fortunately for him – a no-cost charger at work.


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