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It’s California or Bust for Better Place’s eTaxis

The Better Place electric transportation company was founded in California’s silicon valley, not far from where the Tesla electric car company began. But while Tesla and Chevy’s Volt electric cars have been sold in the United States, Better Place didn’t enter the fickle US electric car market. Instead they teamed with French automaker Renault and pioneered their subscription model electric cars in Denmark and Israel where border to border coverage didn’t require many battery swap stations. Now Better Place has partnered with California-based Coda Automotive electric car company and engineering company FEV with plans for electric taxis and two battery swap stations in Los Angeles California, eventually expanding to six. This is enough to service 60 electric taxis.

Better Place has certainly been in the news recently. They set an electric car record of 1172 miles in 24 hours with their Renault-made electric cars and robotic battery swap technology. Their lease price in Israel of NIS 1990 a month ($510 USD), for 36 month included enough charged battery swaps to drive 1000 kilometers.

But the company has struggled to go up against the near-monopoly of the internal combustion engine. They may not have the luxury of time to wait for the US market to be ready. Their plans to expand into their home market makes sense.

California led the US in progressive environmentalism and its energy commission recently set aside $3 million for an eTaxi program.


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