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Infrastructure paves road for electric cars

Less than half a percent of cars registered in Rutherford County are electric, but local companies continue installing charging stations in an effort to build the infrastructure necessary for the future.

As of Nov. 2, only 218 electric vehicles are registered in Rutherford County, compared to the 225,017 total vehicles registered, according to data provided by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

That percentage is only slightly lower than the 11,443 electric vehicles that are registered out of 12.7 million registered statewide.

While that number may be low, Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess said the infrastructure must be in place before more car buyers will opt for electric vehicles.

“If we’re going to encourage people to use those kinds of vehicles, we’re going to have to provide the charging stations,” Burgess said.

He pointed out, in the past, the government subsidized the cost for charging stations, but that is no longer the case.

“At some point, if these sales increase the way people are hoping they will, the government or someone will have to assist in installing more of these stations,” Burgess said. “We’d like to encourage more people to use those vehicles, and we have to be supportive in locating the stations that would be in the right places to really accommodate people’s needs.”

He saluted Lebanon-based Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, which installed electric vehicle chargers at select locations in an area known as the Tennessee Triangle, the 425-mile stretch of interstate highway that connects Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

The Cracker Barrel on Chaffin Place in Murfreesboro received its charging station about a year ago.

In all, 24 Cracker Barrel locations have chargers. A guest could, if desired, drive the entire 425 miles of the Tennessee Triangle, re-charging at Cracker Barrel locations along the way.

“That’s the right leadership for businesses like that to take,” Burgess said. “They’re really supporting the process. (Electric vehicles and charging stations) sort of come together, but someone has to take little bit of risk and put the infrastructure out there. When considering purchasing these vehicles, consumers won’t be concerned about running out battery.”

Most recently, StoneCrest Medical Center in Smyrna installed six charging stations for its guests, staff and physicians.

The charging stations are located in the main parking area with access to both the hospital and the physician’s building, hospital spokeswoman Stephanie Bowen said.

Bowen said the facility’s new charging stations are part of the EV Project, a federally funded deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Hospital administers made the nearly $20,000 investment in the charging stations as a way to provide yet another service, all while continuing its aim to be environmentally friendly.


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