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India: National electric mission to be unveiled in budget

Plan in works for big push to electric, hybrid vehicles
The government will roll out national electric mission plan 2020 in the budget for next fiscal.

The mission plan will give a big push to electric and hybrid vehicles, outline details such as setting up of infrastructure to allow electric vehicle owners to charge their cars and possible fiscal incentives.

In the initial stage, to set up the infrastructure, the government will make investment but the majority of the costs will be borne by the industry.

The national electric mission plan was proposed to be launch in July, but it got postponed as operational details were still being worked out. The mission will include steps to promote electric and hybrid two-wheelers, four wheelers and commercial vehicles.

“The mission statement has already been delayed, but details are being worked out and an announcement will be made in the budget. It is going to be a huge project and will provide incentives to electric vehicle buyers,” said an official involved in national electric mission plan.

The finance minister, P Chidambaram, has already begun meeting industry officials for pre-budget consultations. At present, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles is negligible in India.


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