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Holden Volt Electric Vehicle Joins National Telstra Fleet

SYDNEY – Dec 20, 2012: Holden’s long range electric vehicle, the Volt, has joined the ranks of one of Australia’s largest corporations, with leading telecommunications company Telstra recruiting the vehicle to its fleet.

Telstra today took possession of the highly decorated electric vehicle, the first of four to join its fleet, during a handover ceremony at Holden’s Volt Charging Station in Fishermans Bend, Victoria.

It marks the first time that an electric car has been used by Telstra as a company vehicle.

Winner of the Green Innovation Award in the 2012 Drive Car of the Year Awards, the Holden Volt is the first car of its kind to go on sale in Australia. It features unique range extension technology that offers an electric range of up to 87 kilometres that can be extended to a total range of over 600 kilometres through an on board petrol generator that maintains the charge in the battery.

National Manager of Telstra Fleet Brendan Stooke said Telstra was keen to add the Volt to its fleet to give the organisation a greater understanding of electric car usage and performance.

“We believe electric vehicles will be an important part of our ongoing strategy to improve the fuel efficiency and environmental footprint of the Telstra fleet,” Mr Stooke said.

“We already run a number of fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles on the fleet, but this will be Telstra’s first experience with electric cars and we look forward to using the technology to great effect.

“The Volts will be used as general fleet vehicles and we’re confident there will be plenty of interest in them from Telstra’s employees. Importantly, we will also be able to assess how practical electric cars can be for daily use.”

Holden Director – National Fleet George Loukas said there had been strong interest in Volt from large fleets such as Telstra and smaller businesses.


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