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GigaOM GigaOM’s top 10 cleantech posts of 2012

Show me — that’s the common thread in the top 10 most-trafficked GigaOM cleantech stories of 2012. Exclusive photos and videos of emerging clean power and electric car technologies lead the year. (OK, we’re not so surprised by that.)

If page views are an accurate indicator, GigaOM’s cleantech fans loved exclusive photos and videos of new technologies in 2012. Yeah, that’s probably not such a surprise, but the most-trafficked cleantech stories in 2012 included: our first photos and videos of Tesla’s Model X electric SUV, photos and an explainer of Apple’s ground-breaking solar farm in North Carolina, and photos and videos inside Facebook’s energy-efficient Oregon data center A number of these highly trafficked stories managed to capture the interest not just of cleanteach regulars but more mainstream readers as well.

Meantime, our loyal readers also appreciated our profiles of new and under-the-radar startups, feature stories on clean energy and electric car trends, and explainers on new battery technologies.

Here are our 10 most-popular cleantech stories of 2012:

10). A Khosla-backed big data energy startup you should know about: Published in late October, this profile of energy data startup Bidgely, which has backing from Khosla Ventures, had a combo of buzz-worthy terms like “big data,” “startup” and “Khosla.” The Bidgelystartup does energy data appliance disaggregation, which means it can take data from your smart meter and accurately determine which of your appliances are energy hogs and which are energy misers.

9). Bill Gates-backed Liquid Metal Battery is now . . . Ambri: In this nice little exclusive, I wrote about how a battery company called Liquid Metal Battery had decided to change its name to Ambri, as the company moves closer to commercialization. The internet cared partly because Bill Gates has invested in the company, and also because the founder of Ambri, Donald Sadoway, went on Jon Stewart later in the year.

8). Video: We test drive Tesla’s Model S electric car! Now this was a fun one. For our Green Overdrive show this summer, we got to be one of the first journalists to do a test drive of Tesla’s Model S electric car. It was a smooth, vibration-free ride, and the car had excellent torque.

7). The story behind how Apple’s iCloud data center got built: Whenever I get a chance to travel or visit a site where new clean power technology is being installed I take it. For a data center road trip series, I drove around North Carolina and visited some of the Green Overdrive: We ride a Tesla Model S Beta! thumbnailtowns and talked with the economic-development folks that helped pave the way for Apple’s huge new solar farm there, which is being built next to its data center. My most popular story in the four-part series was “The story behind how Apple’s iCloud data center got built.”

6). Nest thermostat reviewed: A smart device for all seasons: GigaOM’s mobile guru Kevin Tofel wrote a detailed review of the Nest learning thermostat, after he used it for several weeks at his house. Tofel is used to getting attention for his stories: His reporting helped influence Apple’s decision to build the iPad mini, and he’s recently been doing some great stories about GM’s Chevy Volt, which he bought a month ago.


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