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Ford Test Simulates 10 Years Of Use In Just 10 Months, $135 Million Invested

Ford will be putting hybrid vehicle batteries through an intense test equivalent of driving over 150,000 miles or for 10 years using a newly constructed test lab. The announcement was made on Dec. 12 through a press release.

Click here to see the press release.

The new test, called the Key Life Test, will be specifically for new lithium-ion batteries to help produce more reliable vehicles in the future.

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“Recent studies show consumers are keeping their vehicles longer, and regulations in some regions now require batteries to carry warranties for greater distances,” said Layden in the press release. “Fortunately, our tests take into account distances and conditions that go way beyond those normal requirements.”

Older generations from Ford included a nickel-metal-hydride battery, but the company announced that they will be offering five different electric vehicles no later than 2013 with completely reconstructed batteries. All new vehicles will include li-ion batteries, which will be 25 to 30 percent smaller.

Other tests that the batteries will go through includes a heat simulation due to complaints that current batteries can’t withstand summers in locations like Phoenix where the temperature can reach 140-degrees. They will also go through extreme cold conditions to withstand locations like Canada where the weather can go well below negative 30 degrees.


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