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Ford sold 1,259 C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrids, 179 Focus Electrics in November

Ford reported selling 1,259 units of the C-MACX Energi plug-in hybrid in November, with cumulative sales of 1,403 units including 144 units from October, when the vehicle went on sale. Ford also reported its best month yet for the Focus Electric, with 172 units sold, bring the total for the year through November to 518 units.

Those results place Ford, with total plug-in vehicle sales for the month of 1,431 units, behind Toyota, Nissan and GM—respectively first (1,766 units of Prius PHV); second (1,539 LEAFs); and third (1,519 Volts)—in plug-in vehicle sales for November. (Earlier post.)

In total, Ford sold 4,848 C-MAX models in the US in November, 74% of them the regular C-MAX hybrid, 26% of them the Energi plug-in hybrid variant. (In November, Toyota’s Prius PHV accounted for 10.7% of total sales of the Prius family.)


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