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Focus On Going Green Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming To Long Beach

December 4, 2012 – Though the growing popularity of Chevrolet’s Volt and plug-in versions of Toyota’s Prius promises an increase in production of cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles, the hybrid-electric car market remains stuck in a catch-22: without a robust infrastructure of conveniently located re-charging stations, Americans remain hesitant to invest in these kinds of cars; yet without more sales of hybrid cars, infrastructure investment will continue to lag.

The City of Long Beach is hoping to do its part in changing this dynamic. In mid-November, the city council approved a no-cost contract with the clean technology firm ECOtality for the installation of hybrid and electric vehicle charging stations at city-owned parking lots and facilities.


The City of Long Beach has entered into a no-cost contract with ECOtality
to install 12 electric vehicle charging stations at city-owned properties
and parking lots beginning in early 2013. (Photograph courtesy of ECOtality)


“We are making it easier for residents and visitors to operate alternative fuel vehicles, and improving air quality,” Mayor Bob Foster said in a statement.

About 12 sites throughout the city have been identified for the re-charging stations – though more could be added depending on demand – including the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Long Beach Convention Center, El Dorado Regional Park Nature Center, Admiral Kidd Park, Long Beach Airport and a Long Beach Boulevard parking lot.


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