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Europe: Another battery swap station from GreenWay Operator a.s.

Bratislava: In Nitra, Cabajska road 10, on 6 december 2012 at 15:00, GreenWay Operator a.s. company will put into operation already the second battery swap station for electrovans under 3,5 tons.

Opening the second battery swap station for fleet of electrovans under 3,5 tons in Nitra, aimed primarily to serve the project partner and future client MED-ART, s.r.o., a company dealing in wholesale distribution of drugs and medical supplies, demonstrates the ambition of GreenWay Operator to follow the already started process of integrating electromobility into everyday life.
The station operation will provide the MED-ART company with real experience of using electromobility operator’s complex services. Every swap of the battery box for the fully charged one in the GW station provides the car with further 200 km driving range. Thanks to these swaps the electric vehicle is practically unlimited in its daily mileage, making the ecological alternative also one economically effective. The swap takes less than 7 minutes so there is no unnecessary delay for charging.
The station in Nitra is built in an existing multifunctional hall, in close proximity to the MED-ART company premises. It offers comfort, technology and number of battery boxes comparable to the mobile version of the station opened last month in Bratislava. The dimensions of the hall allow for future placement of another 12 battery boxes with no additional construction intervention to the hall necessary.

Prominent personalities of public and cultural life in the region have promised their participation in the station trial operation opening ceremony. For those interested there will be a battery swap demonstration.
The presentation on the reception following will provide interested parties with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with technology as well as the system and services offered by GreenWay Operator.

GreenWay Operator company plans in the near future to introduce more battery swap stations in the catchment areas of its clients and so to create a network necessary for future development of electromobility.
GreenWay Operator business model integrates all electromobility components (station, energy, fleet, car service, monitoring and call-centre) “under one roof“. The integration result is a service. The client pays a fee for use of electric vehicle with all costs and electric energy consumed included. This fee can be fixed for one or two years, with costs no higher than those of a diesel car.

We believe that the trial operation will meet expectations not only of GreenWay Operator but also MED-ART, a future client planning to complete their fleet with electrovans.


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