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Electric Cars And What You Should Know About Winter Use

Winter tips

However little or often you plan to drive over winter, it’s always wise to be prepared.

As a result, it might pay to remind yourself of some tips to help you get through the winter–particularly relevant for those with electric cars lacking a thermally-managed battery pack. Dealt with correctly, Winter need not spell disaster for your electric car.

While some tips required with regular, internal combustion vehicles don’t apply to EVs, our post on five ways to maintain good gas mileage could also still be useful–particularly with regard to ensuring your tires are suitable. Many electric car owners already benefit from one of the suggestions–pre-heating the cabin. Plenty of Nissan Leaf owners are already enjoying toasty warm pre-heated cabins in the cold weather!

Winter range

Those same owners, and those who own other EVs without thermally-managed batteries, still need to be careful about their cars’ range this winter. It’s wise, for example, to avoid trips which might push the range of your car–cold temperatures, unexpected traffic and winter-enforced detours may result in you running out before your destination.

We’ve looked at whether the Tesla Model S will hold up when the going gets cold, and done our own cold-weather test of the 2012 Nissan Leaf. Without using the heater, you may still get 80 miles. But fire up the accessories, and you’d be wiser to stop every 50 miles or so to re-charge.

Electric car winter testing

Electric cars aren’t completely un-prepared for winter, of course–many are actually tested in cold conditions, just like regular cars, to make sure they’re suitable in all weathers.


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