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Electric cars actually work

Robert Barron, The Daily News
Published: Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kent Rathwell slipped pretty quietly through Nanaimo last week while on the last leg of his 10,000-kilometre trip across Canada in his Tesla Roadster battery-electric car.

But I believe what the president of Sun Country Highway achieved in his month-long trip across one of the largest countries in the world at the beginning of Canada’s notorious winter season was remarkable.

In collaboration with over 80 leading Canadian businesses and tourism destinations, Rathwell left St. John’s, NL, on Nov. 21 to launch the “Longest, Greenest Highway in the World” project to demonstrate that there are now enough charging stations located across the country for electric cars to travel the whole distance without difficulty.

Its success should do much to prove to a cynical public that electric cars can actually be a viable alternative to vehicles dependent on polluting and quickly-depleting non-renewable resources.

It’s a fact that, because of cooperative programs between governments and industry over the past few years, there are electric-vehicle charging stations now positioned about every 100 to 200 kilometres along the nation’s highways all the way from the east to west coast, as well as throughout Canada’s countless cities and communities.

The City of Nanaimo has played a part in ensuring that increasing numbers of charging stations are in place to deal with the growing number of electric-powered vehicles on our roads.

The city has already installed charging stations for electric cars at a number of locations over the past year, including the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Beban Park and Port Parkade, with the assistance of provincial funding to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and is looking to add more in the near future.


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