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Colorado lawmakers to consider electric-car friendly legislation

Linda Campbell could hardly believe it when her homeowners association told her she couldn’t park her new electric car in the garage outside her townhome or plug it in to a nearby outlet.

Even more surprising, she thought, given that she lives on downtown Denver’s western edge in a community that brags about its access to light rail and buses.

“The HOA admitted this was a whole new world, that there was no mention of electric cars in the regulations,” Campbell said.

But association officials told her they were afraid of fire. They lifted the ban after she hired an attorney whose research showed that gasoline-powered cars are more likely to start garage fires than electric cars.

For Campbell, the fight had only begun. What about other residents who didn’t have outlets near their parking spaces? Should apartment owners or HOAs accommodate electric cars?

Campbell, a community volunteer who works with various nonprofits, turned to state legislators.

Next year, two Denver Democrats, Sen. Lucia Guzman and Rep. Crisanta Duran, are going to introduce legislation dealing with electric-car-charging stations.


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