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BMW Gambles Heritage With The All New Electric Coup

The all new BMW i3 Concept Coupe, which is slated for some form of release in late 2013, is a serious game changer in the automotive industry for a couple of reasons. Responding to the large demand of consumers hungry for a luxury electric coup, the BMW i3 is the German automotive maker’s first all electric vehicle. That’s ALL electric… not hybrid.

For the nearly 95-year-old car company, who has built an entire heritage and brand image based on gasoline powered racing beauties that hug the road like a high-octane dream, the i3 is an enormous leap to try and win the heart of a rapidly changing demographic. Will they succeed is a question that won’t be answered for sometime.

But BMW is promising that it isn’t losing its edge as a sexy high-performance sports car. However, it isn’t necessarily hard to sniff out a company pandering to whole new generation of soccer moms and dads who are not only concerned about the environment, but want to look stylish too. To keep that chic sporty aesthetic the BMW i3 will be the first mass-produced car with a body made completely of expensive, lightweight carbon fiber – a material that has only been used thus far by military aerospace technology.



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