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BIGFOOT monster truck goes electric

BIGFOOT goes electric with a 350 hp motor powered by 30 car batteries
(St. Louis, MO) Team BIGFOOT, creators of The Original Monster Truck®, recently completed the first test of their newest creation, BIGFOOT #20, the world’s first battery-powered monster truck. November 8, 2012 will go down as another history-making day for the BIGFOOT® team.
Legendary monster truck Hall of Fame driver Jim Kramer navigated BIGFOOT #20 over a pair of junk cars donated by a local salvage yard numerous times to the amazement of the crowd, which consisted of BIGFOOT employees, a local TV news station, and numerous BIGFOOT fans. The truck drove around the parking lot and over the cars for over 20 minutes without losing any power, all while remaining eerily quiet. One onlooker remarked “I’ve been going to monster truck shows for years, and I’ve never actually heard the cars get crushed under the tires. This thing is just unreal!”
BIGFOOT #20 is the world’s first completely electric powered monster truck. Odyssey Battery, a sponsor of the team for more than a decade, supplied the 36 car batteries that power the truck, and renowned electric engine builder Dennis Berube of Electrified Motorsports of Phoenix, AZ supplied much of the initial electric racing motor know how.
Beginning with an in-house-designed BIGFOOT racing chassis, the team, including shop foreman and lead fabricator Bryan Bertoletti, electronics specialist Gene Greber, and veteran mechanic Chris Ludwig, set about creating a truly one-of-a-kind truck the likes of which the automotive industry has never seen.
The team installed the powerful DC electric motor, which provides the truck with more than 800 ft/lbs of direct-drive torque, then fabricated a pair of custom lexan-encased battery packs that included a grand total of 30 Odyssey batteries, producing 360 volts of power. With that in place, the team turned to a bullet-proof ProFab transfer case to send power to the custom-built driveshafts, which would in turn motivate heavy-duty ZF planetary axles with internal wet disc brakes to handle the stopping chores. BIGFOOT #20 was then equipped with monster truck standard 66-inch tall Firestone flotation tires mounted on blacked-out custom 25-inch steel wheels, eight (8) nitrogen-charged Knight Stalker monster truck racing shocks, and custom limiting straps to prevent over-extension.
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