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Wireless electric bus makes a debut

On Nov. 16, 2012, Clean Technica reported that Utah State University introduced it’s first-of-its-kind wireless hybrid electric bus. The reason it’s so unique, is the fact it’s the first of its kind to meet key performance standards for a vehicle of which is charged in a wireless fashion.

The wireless charging method is efficient for a vehicle who is already making predetermined, scheduled spots. It charges itself at the station by driving on top of a pad. This prevents the driver from having to get out of the bus to manually plug it into an outlet.

This is not unlike the current wireless charging methods for cell phones where you just lay it on top of a wireless charging mat. Though, this is on a much grander scale.

The U.S.U. Research team had achieved a transfer charge rate of five kilowatts over a ten inch gap.

A full demonstration of the wireless charging technology in according with a partnership between U.S.U. And the Utah Transit Authority.


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