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Will France Lead Europe In Electric-Car Industry?

Which international carmaker currently has the largest range of electric vehicles?

The answer is Renault. The French automaker has a significant EV portfolio–and as the French government puts greater emphasis on EVs, it may soon be joined by other carmakers too.

Indeed, between electric cars, investment in infrastructure and electric car sharing schemes, France could become the leading nation in Europe for electric vehicles.

Infrastructure, subsidies

The French government has already emphasized its commitment to EVs by vowing to increase the country’s charging infrasctructure.

While the pot of money is relatively small–$65 million, reports Wards Auto–it’s set to be used widely. It will be used to subsidize charging stations in public places, and even those on private property at places of business.

France is also encouraging private companies to play their part by installing charging points. The country wants to encourage, rather than introduce laws which force companies into providing for EV users.

At the same time, the country has increased its bonus to EV buyers to $9000. It has also laid down plans for 25 percent of future government vehicles to be hybrids and EVs.


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