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Walmart’s New Supercube: Increase Sustainability by… Designing Bigger Trucks?

You’ve probably noticed that the number and availability of commercial airline flights has decreased from say, ten years ago. When we travel by airplane, we are essentially freight (in case the flight attendants’ attitudes didn’t tip you off); and us being freight, it makes sense that airlines can increase profits by having fewer flights and using bigger planes packed with more people.

Well, the same holds true for actual cargo freight. So Walmart Canada came up with something they hope will drop their shipping costs and even reduce traffic, at least in theory: Make a bigger truck. Working with an Ontario-based company called Innovative Trailer Design, they commissioned what they’re calling the Walmart Supercube, which holds 30% more cargo in the same footprint.

Most freight trucks lug a standard 53-foot long trailer. The Supercube’s is 60 feet long, yet the overal vehicle length is the same because they use a squashed cab that puts the driver right up at the front. The interior floor of the Supercube’s trailer is lower, and there’s a built-in scissor lift inside to help loaders stuff cargo into the far reaches.

Furthermore, see that box behind the cab?


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