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USA: Palo Alto City Council considering installing additional EV charging stations

On Monday, the Palo Alto City Council is considering installing
additional EV charging stations and converting the existing ones to a
pay-per-use model.

The excerpt from the staff report is given below.

If you have comments on these proposals, please send your comments to:


(Mountain View recently installed several EV chargers at no capital
cost to the City (using the CEC grant) replacing the existing
obsolete Avcon chargers. These incur no operating cost other than
electricity, which costs less than the minimum operating cost of
network-based chargers, but the electricity is free for users. Palo
Alto could have done the same, but chose to go with network-based
chargers with a monthly operating cost. There is a desire for a
public-private partnership involving installing and operating
chargers, but a non-profit entity like the EAA could be involved in
the installation and maintenance with the City paying for
electricity. Please do not include this paragraph in your message,
but you may make your comments in your own words using some of these
ideas, plus why you visit and shop at Palo Alto more because of the
electric vehicle chargers.)


Best regards,
Arthur Keller
Member, Planning and Transportation Commission, City of Palo Alto (pp. 17-18)

Electric Vehicle Parking
The City currently has 7 electric vehicle charging stations available
in the Downtown at the Civic
Center Parking Garage (Lot CC – Level A, 3 chargers), Bryant Street
Garage (Lot S/L – Level 2, 3
chargers), and the Alma/High North (Lot R – Level 2, 1 charger). The
charging stations are
extremely popular and realize regular occupancy usage throughout a
typical week.

There are no charging stations available in the California Avenue
Business District. The City has
considered the development of a Request for Proposals for the
development of a privately owned
network of electric vehicle charging stations network. The Stanford
Shopping Center
currently has 3 charging stations including Northern California’s
only Rapid Charging (Level 3)
Charger. The Stanford Shopping Center chargers are privately owned
and require a fee-per-use
to charge. Development of a private network of chargers in Palo Alto
would operate under the
same model and convert the existing charging stations into the
private network to avoid
competition with the private network given the high cost to install
the network.

To meet the immediate demand for electric vehicle charging in the
City, staff recommends
conversion of at least five (5) parking spaces in the California
Avenue Business District to
electric vehicle charging spaces and an additional six (6) parking
spaces in the Downtown. Staff
recommends additional Level 2 Chargers similar to those currently
deployed that can charge a
vehicle in as fast as 2 hours. The Downtown Library, which was
renovated last year, includes
infrastructure for providing electric vehicle charging stations in
its parking lot; this could be a
location for some of the additional Downtown spaces.

The City has 6 electric charging stations included as part of
development conditions of approval
for the 101 Lytton Gateway Project (4 chargers) and the Edgewood
Plaza (2 Chargers) shopping
center. These stations will not be available until next year when
construction at each site is

Recommendation No. 6: Direct staff to pursue the installation of 6
additional electric
vehicle charging stations in Downtown and up to 5 electric vehicle
charging stations around California Avenue.


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