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USA: First toll roads, now ‘electric vehicle corridors’

Now the U.S. Department of Energy has just given a $500,000 dollar grant to the Texas River Cities (TRC) Initiative. The grant goes toward the realization of the Electric Vehicle Corridor running from San Antonio to Austin. It also confirms that things are done just a little bit differently in that part of the state. Bless their little hearts.

It’s all to encourage and promote PEV’s. Plug-in vehicles. You know, those dinky little go carts you see around here sometimes that we call “electric cars”.

There’s a 572 page master plan plan as well. It’s quite…comprehensive. But basically it tries to address the problem of “range anxiety”. Yep. Electric cars run out of ‘gas’ pretty fast. Which make them pretty much useless in most of the state of Texas. Too many wide open spaces or something like that.


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