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USA: EV Rally update

We are all set for a rally.
After our meeting on Saturday, we decided to go with 2 cars, and 12 hours.
So we are starting at 10 PM on Nov 16th, and ending at 10 AM on Nov 17th from
Don Herring Mitisubshi in Irving. The regularly scheduled meeting will follow.

Here is the detail:
2 teams of 4 drivers will drive in the rally.
Team Leaf will have 4 drivers, one TBD, Joachim, Bob Pflughoft, and his wife.
Team i-MiEV will have Ron Swanson, Paul Schaeffer, Neal Farris, and one TBD.
We will drive in two 6 hour shifts, 10 PM to 4 AM, and 4 AM to 10 AM.

Team Leaf’s car will be provided by Bankston Nissan in Irving, and Team i-MiEV’s
car will be provided by Don Herring Mitsibushi in Irving.

We are going to use 2 different strategies, with team Leaf doing mostly highway
driving, and team i-MiEV using mostly surface streets. Both teams would like to
put in over 500 miles in 12 hours, which means we are going for 1000 miles in a
24 hour period. (2 cars, 12 hours each)

Stay tuned, and please respond if you are interested in being one of the 2 TBD
drivers, or any route suggestions.

Ron Swanson
Source NTEAA


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