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US Nissan LEAF Battery Production Underway For 2013 LEAF, Sales Begin First Quarter of 2013

About a week ago the grand opening ceremony of Nissan’s new electric car battery plant in Smyrna was cancelled. This led some to speculated it had something to do with the LEAF’s relatively slow sales to date, or a possible hiccup in the manufacturing process.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn At Nissan/AESC Battery Production Facility

InsideEVs got in touch with a Nissan plant representative, and we were told that it was simply a “failure to coordinate executive schedules,” and that Nissan would still be showcasing the facility in the near future.

“We will come out with some info-graphics and details around the process in the next few weeks. “

They also more importantly noted that “the battery plant already is producing batteries” for the 2013 LEAF. Which is all most people looking to buy a US-made Nissan LEAF really care about anyway.

As for the US production itself which was scheduled to begin in couple weeks in Smyrna, TN, Nissan rep Travis Parman told us, “there’s been no change in the start of LEAF production in Smyrna.”


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