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Plug-In-America Needs your Help!

I would like to thank you for your support over the years, and also ask you to consider making a new donation to support what we’re doing during a critical time for the market. With your help Plug-In-America has been instrumental in the expansion of plug-in vehicle offerings, awareness of the vehicles in the press and general population, improvements in related ordinances and infrastructure projects, and in establishing government financial incentives to partially level the playing field against entrenched petroleum subsidies.

Now that there are finally a variety of great new plug-in vehicles available for purchase, including MotorTrend’s “Car of the Year,” we, as a movement, need to see strong sales of these cars in 2013 if we want the cars to remain available for the long term. We have a plan to drive demand and a wide variety of excited partners; we just need to hire a couple of staff members to implement it.

And with the election over, we have the opportunity to extend incentives lost in 2011 (just as products were first arriving – the incentives were for EVSEs, NEVs and motorcycles) through 2013 as part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations and legislation. Plug-In-America is very well positioned to work in Washington DC with both sides of the aisle to get an extension passed. It is a fact of life, though, that this work takes money.

You are an essential part of our efforts – we absolutely can not do this without you. We need your help to fund the work which Plug-In-America drives to promote plug-in vehicles.

Please make a generous 2012 donation to support the electrification of America’s transportation. You can donate online at

or by sending a check to

2370 Market Street #419
San Francisco, CA 94114

Thank you,
Chad Schwitters and the Board and Staff of Plug In America
Source Plug-in America


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