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Nissan: Virtual showroom on smart phones

It started with Nissan’s virtual showroom online – a breakthrough in car retailing where car lovers can inspect the Nissan they’re interested in without leaving the comfort of home.

Now Nissan Canada has taken “virtual” a step further– car lovers can check out details and features of the next edition of the car they’re interested in instantly and anywhere – Nissan’s new showroom has gone mobile, giving instant access to a showroom on mobile devices running Apples iOS and Google’s Android operating system. The showroom offers complete 360-degree views and hotlinks to key information on all the cars’ special features.

“The conventional wisdom is you go to a car showroom to check out the new cars. The reality is, the world is the showroom – you see a car on the street, in the showroom window as you’re passing by, you see an ad and that’s the context in which you’re hooked,” says Allen Oke, creative director at TBWA, the agency that created both the online and mobile showroom. “The mobile showroom allows you to instantly go from seeing a Nissan anywhere, including on the road, to finding out the specifics, the colour options, the look of it coming and going and the price.”

Check out the car of your choice including the Nissan Leaf here:
source Nissan Canada


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