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Nissan Plans For New Hybrid, Plug-In Cars: One Per Year

Nissan might be investing heavily in its electric car program, but the automaker hasn’t forgotten hybrid vehicles completely.

In fact, the company is set to launch one hybrid or plug-in car per year for the next few years, allowing it to compete in a market where hybrid vehicles are gaining increasing market share.

Joining existing vehicles like the 2012 Infiniti M35h, Nissan is developing a range of hybrids and is set to implement mild hybrid technology across its range.

First to hit U.S. shores is likely to be the front-wheel drive Infiniti JX Hybrid.

We recently drove a prototype of the luxury hybrid crossover in Japan. It pairs a supercharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder with a single-motor hybrid system, boosting torque and allowing the car to drive on electric power alone under light loads.

That’s the theory anyway, though we found it very difficult to run the car entirely in electric mode.

Following the Infiniti JX, Automotive News suggests a plug-in hybrid will follow in 2015 (though Nissan is revealing no details as yet), and the company aims to release at least one hybrid a year over the next several years.


1 comment to Nissan Plans For New Hybrid, Plug-In Cars: One Per Year

  • stevedj_98

    I love my Nissan LEAF. Best car I have ever owned! But I also have an ICE car that sits in my garage about 80% of the time. Due to illness, my wife can’t drive anymore, so we really don’t need two cars. I’d appreciate a plug-in hybrid Nissan Altima in the next year or so (to compete with a Chevy Volt), when my lease of the LEAF is up. Our daily trips are under 25 miles, and I’d sure like my next vehicle to cover that distance using just electricity.

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