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GM accelerating electric vehicle technology development, in China

Jon Lauckner spoke in Beijing today about GM’s research into vehicle electrification, and the expansion of GM’s electrified vehicle research and development operations in China.

In Beijing on Tuesday, Jon Lauckner, GM Chief Technology Officer, vice president of Global Research & Development, and president of GM Ventures, told the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress in Beijing that “China has made electrification a key strategy. Electrified vehicles will play a critical role in efforts to conserve and ultimately displace petroleum as the major source of transportation energy.” The speech underscored several years of investment by GM in factories, research centers, and joint partnerships in China, some of which focuses on electrified vehicle development. GM’s presence in China was made into a politicized controversy during the just-ended election season, but GM has been open about what they’re doing in China, building and selling vehicles as a properly globalized megacorporation that builds products where it sells them.

Lauckner’s speech focused on GM’s research and development of electrified vehicle technology. GM’s goal is to increase the energy density and decrease the cost for electrified vehicle battery packs. This will make those battery packs lighter than current ones, and decrease the price of electrified vehicles making them more attractive to consumers. “Greater adoption of electrified vehicles requires a greater breadth of offerings; cost reductions in technology for more competitive pricing compared to conventional vehicles; and, of course, more infrastructure for convenient charging,” Lauckner said.


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