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Future Trends in Battery Systems Modeling

Date & Location
December 11, 2012, 9:00 AM – 4: 00 PM in Newport Beach, California (Location Details)
Battery Simulation

To appreciate and judge different lithium-ion battery models, a brief but fundamental understanding of their operation is required. Our complimentary workshop on December 11th in Newport Beach, California will fully investigate this understanding, as well as provide attendees with an overview of the emerging tools available that expedite the design process through the use of lithium-ion battery simulation.

This workshop will cover the many ways engineers are now engaged in the design and simulation of lithium-ion batteries. This involves a vast array of tasks from studying the fundamental operation of different chemistries to installing a given series of cells into an application and obtaining optimal performance. Such a broad range of specifications requires expandable and flexible battery simulation models that can capture the subtle differences created by either chemistry or geometry design changes.

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Robert Spotnitz, President, Battery Design LLc
Dr. Spotnitz, author of Battery Design Studio, will explore the challenge of providing effective battery simulation in a demanding industrial environment and how simulation can complement design methods.

Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Department Head, Energy Storage and Distributed Resources, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Dr. Srinivasan will talk about the present status of batteries when used in vehicle applications and focus on the innovations needed to ensure widespread penetration of electric vehicles. (Bio and Interview with Sabin Russell)

During the final session of the day, attendees will have the chance to experience the tools firsthand, running a simple cell and/or module simulation exercise. Technical staff will be available to circulate and direct the exercise, as well as address individual questions on specific simulation needs.

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