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Ford Focus EV Joins San Francisco’s City CarShare

City CarShare is adding two new Ford Focus all-electric vehicles to its San Francisco fleet.

The car sharing company’s fleet now includes 13 plug-in electric hybrids (PHEVs) and five all-electric vehicles (EVs). Forty-four percent of City CarShare’s fleet is now made up of electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

In total, City CarShare has 18 plug-in vehicles and 160 hybrids available for shared use in the San Francisco Bay Area.

City CarShare considers itself the largest nonprofit carsharing organization in North America.

“We are very close to meeting one of our mission goals of converting half of our fleet to electric or hybrid by 2015,” says Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare CEO. “By offering innovative and greener mobility options to individuals and businesses, we are significantly reducing gas consumption and CO2 emissions, making the Bay Area a more livable place.”

City CarShare says a recent survey of its members indicated that they were interested in electric and hybrid vehicles as a transportation option – members identified battery (all-electric) and plugin hybrids as an excellent option (45 percent and 39 percent ) or good option (38 percent and 40 percent).

In the same survey, when asked why they are interested in using plug-in vehicles from City CarShare, members indicated:


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