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EVTV makes out like bandits at Azure Dynamics liquidation, offers up booty

Across the Do-It-Yourself electric-conversion landscape, there is perhaps no EV drivetrain more longed for than that comprised of a liquid-cooled AC motor mated to a single-speed gearbox. Unfortunately, they are difficult to come by, as the motors are typically only made available to automakers and are usually quite expensive. Gearboxes? Fuggedaboutit.

Now though, a window of opportunity appears to have opened. Azure Dynamics, the bankrupted company behind the drivetrain that powered the ill-fated Ford Transit Connect Electric, has had its assets liquidated and many of the components that were destined for those vehicles have made their way to the open market, courtesy of the folks at EVTV.

You see, what began as a weekly show about converting vehicles to electric drive has expanded to include an online store that sells, as one might imagine, the components necessary to turn gasoline burners into electron sippers. So now, alongside its usual inventory of DC motors, controllers and lithium batteries, one can find an AC induction Siemens motor capable of putting out 150-kW peak power along with the Borg Warner eGearDrive. They also have Brusa 3.3-kW chargers and Azure Dynamics inverters.


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