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Electric Universe: The Tipping Point with David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

The phrase has never been more fitting: The Tipping Point. In matters of human thought and perception, the words describe the critical moment when the growing momentum of a new idea overrides the inertia of prior beliefs. A movement exhibiting this power cannot be turned back.

For the Electric Universe community, The Tipping Point means evidence converging from every scientific discipline. Unique predictions of an electrical paradigm fulfilled. Charged bodies in space powered by electric currents across interstellar and intergalactic distances. A model of electric star-formation bolstered by an explosion of new evidence for our electric Sun. Planets sculpted by electric arcs in an age of solar system violence. Comets discharging electrically as they plunge through the Sun’s electric field.

Now new dimensions of the Electric Universe are attracting visionary scientists, artists and students of the human story. An ancient sky animated by electrical dramas affecting every level of human culture. The electricity of life–layers of subtle energy that theorists simply overlooked in their rush to formulate mechanical models of life. Studies of human consciousness and connection that shattered the scientific paradigms of the 20th-century.

The Tipping Point is indeed at hand. In the scientific quest to understand our natural world, the 21st-century will look nothing like the last. Join us on this exploration as we break the bounds of conventionality.

featured guests

Wallace Thornhill A physicist and natural philosopher, WALLACE THORNHILL has spent decades questioning popular ideas about the physical world. In the past 16 years, standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, he has laid an interdisciplinary foundation for the Electric Universe paradigm. His first peer-reviewed paper on the electrical nature of stars and supernovae was published in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol 35 No. 4, Special Issue on Space & Cosmic Plasmas – August 2007. A co-authored paper on the Martian “blueberry” phenomenon has been published and a co-authored paper in Japan on the plasma phenomenon at the centres of galaxies has been submitted for publication. Co-author with David Talbott of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe, Mr. Thornhill has been awarded a gold medal for 2010 by the European Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science.

What does it mean to say that an intellectual movement is reaching the “tipping point?” Wallace Thornhill will review the great surprises that have fundamentally altered our understanding of the universe, throwing new light on the extraordinary role of the electric force at all scales of observation.

David Talbott DAVID TALBOTT is the founder and director of The Thunderbolts Project ( His book The Saturn Myth (1980) helped to inspire the work of several others now joined in this collaborative project. In 1996 his work was the subject of a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Ben Ged Low, Remembering the End of the World. More recently, he was the co-author with Australian physicist Wallace Thornhill, of two books, Thunderbolts of the Gods + DVD and The Electric Universe. In the year 2000 his representations of the ancient sky, based on the global accord of early cultures, inspired an intense investigation of ancient rock art by the leading plasma scientist Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos Laboratories. After several years of inputting data into the Roadrunner computer at Los Alamos (largest in the world) he concluded that the reconstruction was fundamentally accurate, depicting intensely energetic electric discharge formations close to the earth. See Seeking the Third Story on the ThunderboltsProject Youtube channel.

If extraordinary natural events provoked an explosion of archaic myths and symbols, how might we reconstruct these events at a high level of confidence? Drawing on animated representations of the ancient sky, David Talbott will enumerate the ground rules for drawing reliable conclusions from the global testimony of unreliable witnesses. The result is a spectacular portrait of an ancient sky remembered around the world.

our host

Karen Elkins Educator, entrepreneur, author, and creative evolutionary, KAREN ELKINS served as director of the Vancouver Chapter of the Gifted Association of British Columbia and cofounded the Silbury Education and Resource Centre for Gifted and Creative Learners. She is the author of “InsideOUT, the Visual Guide to the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe”. Her highly respected multi-disciplinary and visually rich online magazine Science to Sage brings together innovative thinkers, leading edge scientists, and visionary artists, galvanizing human possibility and potential.

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Issue: The Web of Entanglement and our Electric Universe

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