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Electric car buyers are smart, rich, study says

Owners of plug-in electric cars are well-off, well-educated people who want to wean themselves and the nation off high-price oil, according to a pair of new reports.

The independent reports add to the prevailing profile of electric-car owners as affluent people who are not (and don’t have to be) terribly concerned about the high purchase price of the current crop of plug-in vehicles compared with ordinary cars, or even conventional hybrids.

In the past two years, plugs-ins ranging from the $36,050 Nissan Leaf, powered only by electricity, to the $39,995 Chevrolet Volt, which has a gas engine to back up its electric motors, have attracted wide attention, but not blockbuster sales. Some 26,100 Leafs and Volts combined have been sold so far this year, about 0.2% of overall vehicle sales.


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