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Crossing Canada In An Electric Car? Free Charging Lets It Happen

Traveling coast-to-coast isn’t a trip best suited to the average electric car, but it’s become a whole lot easier in Canada.

A free, 240V charging network now lines the Trans-Canada highway, allowing EV drivers to drive across the entire country–and to demonstrate, two drivers are doing just that.

Kent Rathwell, founder and president of the Sun Country Highway, set off from St. Johns with a jar of Atlantic seawater, taking it across the country in a Tesla Roadster.

On December 20, Kent and his passenger, SCH vice-president Christopher Misch, will deposit the water in the Pacific at Victoria, reports The Globe And Mail.

Each of the 240V stations was donated by SCH, and allows drivers to recharge for free. Each of the chargers runs from 60-90 amps, future-proofing them to some degree for cars that can benefit from charging at higher currents.

Rathwell hopes the highway will encourage carmakers to improve their vehicles to make best use of the higher-amp charging stations–and also encourage electric car drivers to travel further afield, to explore the country.


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