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Chevrolet Volt Has Best Month Ever With 2,961 EVs Sold

If it seems like we just reported this story last month, and the month prior, you would be right as Chevrolet broke its all-time monthly sales result for the third month in a row.

In October, Chevrolet sold 2,961 Volts, which bested September’s result of 2,851 and August’s 2,831. That brings the year to date total number of plug-in extended range hybrids sold up to 19,309.

Chevrolet Volt At Hamtramck Assembly

All of these sales came amidst the idling of General Motor’s Hamtramck assembly facility that builds the Volt in preperation for producing the upcoming Chevrolet Impala.

Thankfully, there were no delays in re-opening the plant, and on Monday October 16th, the plant went back into high gear attempting to restock dealerships that had aggressively sold off Volts during the month.

After the GM’s Hamtramck assembly re-opened, it managed to build 1,710 Volts in October, but GM decided to put a hold on building international exposts (Opel Ampera, Holden Volt and RHD Volts) in favor of replenishing US stock. It is expected that production restarts shortly this month.

So what was behind the record month of sales in October? More deep discounting.


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