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Car Sharing Electric Car Concept A Smart Vision

Car sharing services help cut down on too much traffic on the road, create less of a carbon footprint and offer those living in urban areas an option for when they need a vehicle but don’t otherwise want to own one. Some of the vehicles offered in these services are gas guzzlers and put out emissions, but we are starting to see hybrids and electric vehicles pop up as options. Designer Bharani Catna envisions what an ideal electric vehicle might be like for such a service in his Design for Urban Drive Cycle concept.

Catna’s idea is a research and design project focused on building an electric vehicle for “car clubs” in the United Kingdom. It deals with what is said to be “driving patterns, car clubs, and packaging in ultra small vehicles” while seeking “a solution through integrated system approach i.e. introducing cars as a subsystem of the total transportation system.”


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