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Canada: Membertou Market site of island’s first public electric vehicle charging station

MEMBERTOU — Cape Breton’s first public electric vehicle charging station is up and running at Membertou Market, and for the next 12 months motorists will be able to recharge their vehicles for free.

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Admittedly, that should be a rare sight for the time being. But while there are only a handful of private electric cars in the province, about 50 in the entire country and 2,500 worldwide, an increasing awareness of the need for sustainable and clean energy should lead to the electric car becoming the wave of the motoring future, said Christopher Misch, vice-president of business development for charger installer Sun Country Highway.

A typical electric car would take about an hour to receive a full charge that would take it about 400 kilometres, he added, using about $5 worth of electricity.

“We want to create an electric car infrastructure from coast to coast,” he said, “and part of that was to create the longest green highway in the world.”

The Canadian company has installed electric chargers in every province over the past few months, with the Atlantic Canadian part of the project kicking off in St. John’s, N.L., on Saturday before moving on to Cape Breton.

After charging up in Membertou, the fully electric 2012 Tesla Roadster that has been used to showcase the charging system hit the highway for a newly installed charging station in Antigonish this morning before moving on to stations in Truro in the afternoon and Halifax in the evening.

Sun Country Highway plans to set up 16 charging stations in the province by the end of November as part of the Nova Scotia Electric Vehicle Highway plan.

“We want to get people thinking about sustainable energy,” he said. “This is the future, right here in Membertou.”

The electric vehicle charging station is in keeping with Membertou’s commitment to a clean environment, said the First Nation community’s manager for special projects.


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