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Canada: B.C. leading the way with clean green energy

Province likely to have a million electric cars by 2030

Those of us who live in British Columbia have always appreciated — or perhaps simply believed — the fact that we’re a little ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental standards.

As it happens, from a vehicle perspective, British Columbians are leading the charge. Here on the west coast we are outpacing the rest of the country in our adoption of Clean Energy Vehicles. Take the all-electric Nissan Leaf for example. As a percentage of total vehicle sales, Leaf sales in B.C. are more than double those in any other province.

So, why has B.C. embraced this new technology with more enthusiasm than Canadians east of the Rockies? I believe it is a collection of things.

Certainly it speaks to our generally inherent nature to be more cognizant of our environmental intentions. The Clean Energy Vehicle for BC incentive program has helped us along the way as well. The top hesitation buyers have when considering a Clean Energy Vehicle is cost, and this point of purchase incentive program certainly helps buyers address this concern.

Range anxiety and lack of infrastructure are the next two biggest concerns (two sides of the same coin, really).

Our infrastructure plan to support clean energy vehicles is well on its way to becoming one of the best in the country.

You’ll recall Metro Vancouver has received a grant under the provincial government’s Community Charging Infrastructure Fund to develop a network of 570 charging stations for electric vehicles across the province.

They’ll be in place by March. And by 2030, the Pembina Institute estimates there will be a million electric vehicles on the road in B.C. It’s clear that accessibility and ease of use are key.

Also imperative to the success of these vehicles in the marketplace is new car dealer engagements.


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