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BMW to Unveil New Concept of BMW i4 at LA Auto Show

An i4 coupe would fit with the naming structure of BMW’s mainstream range of petrol- and diesel-powered cars, where odd numbers are used to designate conventional sedans and wagons (e.g. 3 Series and 5 Series) and even numbers are reserved for coupes and convertibles (e.g. upcoming 4 Series and 6 Series).

BMW says the car unveiled in LA will be a “visionary concept vehicle” purpose-built from the ground up and constructed primarily from lightweight carbonfibre.

The new concept will appear at the show alongside the BMW i8 Concept Roadster, which is making its North American motor show debut.

The BMW i3 will pioneer the new i sub-brand in global showrooms from next year, and will be joined by the i8 in 2014.


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