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Assessing Sandy: Are electric cars a better bet in emergencies?

In some parts of New York and New Jersey right now, electric cars are suddenly making a whole lot of sense, Ingram writes.

For many of us, lines at gas stations and homes without power are no more than news, but millions on the U.S. East Coast are still coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Many areas are still without power, and gasoline is a worryingly rare commodity for a transport system utterly dependent on it.

But for many with electric cars, the latter hasn’t been such a problem.

Even those without power to homes have been able to charge elsewhere–rather than queueing hours for gas to find the pumps have run dry.

Friend of GreenCarReports, BMW ActiveE owner Tom Moloughney, is one of those still able to travel to work in New Jersey every day.

In fact, it’s almost business as usual for him, reportsThe New York Times.

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Between charging at home–using a natural gas generator since the power went out–and charging at his restaurant, Moloughney hasn’t experienced any problems on his 100-mile round trip each day.

And Moloughney isn’t the only electric car driver avoiding the chaos–those using the three free chargers at his restaurant are likely getting by okay too.


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