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An Electric Toyota GT 86? Yes, But From A Tuning Shop

Toyota has hinted at the launch of an electric sports car in the past, and even has a couple of prototypes out testing, including one based on its legendary 2000GT.

However, ask Toyota if it plans to launch an electric version of its GT 86 (sold here as the Scion FR-S), its budget rear-wheel drive sports car aimed at purists, and they’ll probably scoff at the idea.

That doesn’t mean other companies haven’t looked at offering an electric GT 86. In fact one company, TGMY, based in Osaka, Japan, has even gone out and built one.

Featured here is TGMY’s electric GT 86, which is billed by the company as a demonstrator vehicle for its upcoming electric car technology. TGMY specializes in electric car conversion kits and components and already has numerous products on offer via its website.

After having removed the GT 86’s four-cylinder engine, TGMY has installed an electric motor rated at 75 kW (100 horsepower) and 177 pound-feet of torque. That’s well short of the regular GT 86’s 200-horsepower output, but as seen in this video, first picked up by Technologic Vehicles, the electric sports coupe’s pace is far from sluggish.


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