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28 charging stations for electric cars launched in Moscow city and region

The infrastructure of battery-recharging stations for the electric vehicles has received a fresh impetus for further development in Russia. In the format of Tuesday’s conference devoted to the development of the country’s charging infrastructure, the Federal Power Grid company of the Russian Unified Energy System (UES) declared on the setting up and launching of the “National program for the development of the electric transport charging infrastructure for the period of 2013 through 2015.”

According to First Deputy Chairman of the Federal Power Grid company Roman Berdnikov, the program envisages a comprehensive participation of the power grid sphere in the development of the electric car market and the recharging infrastructure.

“The program mainly focuses on the creation of the charging infrastructure acceptable for private and commercial electric cars and special municipal transport, as well as wide-spread use of electric cars for the needs of power grids,” he said.

In Berdnikov’s words, “the program envisages working out of infrastructure developing plans with due account of climate and geographical features of Russia’s territories from its west to the border with Siberia, for the cities with the population over 500,000.”

“The program is based on the experience of the MOESK-EV research project, which is being implemented by MOESK jointly with the biggest players on the market of electric cars’ charging infrastructure from 2011,” he said.

According to Berdnikov, the project is aimed at the efficient work of power grids in the process of an intensive implementation of electric transport in Russia.


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