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Will the Dodge Charger Electric Concept Ever Materialise?

The ZEO, the Dodge Charger electric concept car, has the potential to make electric motoring in the United States not only green, but downright hot. Environmentally trendy 268-horsepower rear-drive motor aside; to see this car is also to crave it.

Compared with the Nissan LEAF fully electric and Chevrolet Volt hybrid, the sleek, space-age lines of the ZEO dispel any pre-conceived notions of tree-hugging. With high-profile, 23-inch wheels, low-profile chassis and exaggerated fenders, the exterior profile looks like a blend of 19th and 21st century design, completely bypassing the 20th!

All four ‘scissor-style’ doors open upwards in quirky planes. When they are all open at once, the car looks like a ladybird in flight. The 2+2 coupe sits on a 110-inch wheel base.

The windshield extends over the top of the car for a fully transparent roof. The rear window is straight, rather than angled, giving the driver an undistorted, what-you-see-is-what-you-get rear view.

Inside, the four seats are white with orange seat belts, matching the exterior paint job. The dashboard is continuous with the centre console, onto which is mounted a remote control-like unit for a television.

Inside and out, the Dodge ZEO looks like it would be at home as a shuttle craft on the USS Voyager. Down on Earth, however, it’s what’s under the bonnet that counts. Here, this means a 335-horsepower motor and lithium-ion battery. Together, they deliver a 0-60 mph time of less than six seconds. Compare that to 8.6 seconds in both the LEAF and the Volt, and you can see why the ZEO is superior concept that many Dodge fans would love to see in production.

As yet, Dodge has no plans to release the ZEO onto the market. In its present form, it is unlikely to ever see the light of day. The company does hint, however, that the motoring public will catch glimpses of it in other future products. Read more about the ZEO concept, one of the sportiest environmentally conscious concept cars in the world!



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