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USA: Toyota’s Electric RAV4 Has Best US Debut of Any EV – Sells 61 Units in September

Sales figures for EVs are so far off those of conventionally-powered vehicles, that it’s almost comical. However, in the EV world 61 units sold in the first month is a very good performance. That is exactly how many RAV4 EVs Toyota managed to sell in September, the car’s official sales debut – the highest number ever achieved by such a vehicle, in the US.

That means that the Japanese automaker sill has 2,139 units to go, until they reach their target number of 2,200. They may increase that number, if the demand is deemed high enough, though. However, with a price tag of $49,800, before tax incentives,the RAV4 is still a rather expensive vehicle to buy, so its appeal will still remain limited, despite being a very capable vehicle with a range of just over 100 miles (160 km).


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