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USA: Tesla Model S gets an electric charge in Gilroy

Big day in Gilroy on the southern edge of Silicon Valley. One of the world’s first Superchargers for Tesla Motor’s electric sedan will open for business in just a couple of hours.

You can feel the electricity in the air. (OK. I’ll stop.)

Anyway, there is a lot of excitement in the same way there was back in the day when the neighborhood got the first telephone or when the folks next-door got the first color TV.

In other words: These are early days, baby steps etc. The Supercharger, though, is part of a vision; a vision that sees people being able to take long road trips in electric cars, rather than simply tooling around to the grocery store, bank etc.

If nothing else, the opening of the Supercharger station — which will service only the Model S, of which there are hardly any on the road — is a little bright spot in a bad week for the electric car biz.


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